Protective Coatings for inkjet prints

InkJetArt carries six coatings for protecting your ink jet prints:

   1. PremierArt Print Shield
   2. Moab Desert Varnish
   3. Hahnemuhle Protective Spray
   4. PremierArt ECO
   5. PremierArt Elegance

   6. InkAid

Items 1 through 3 are protective varnish "solvent" coatings that can be used on paper prints (matte or glossy, photo or fine art papers) and on canvases. These products do very little to change the appearance of your prints if you use only 2 to 3 light coats. All three come in 400ml aerosol spray cans (PremierArt Print Shield and Desert Varnish are also available in non-aerosol bottles). PremierArt Print Shield is the only one of the three that has certified testing behind it (improving print longevity); however, all three show the same ingredients on the label.

Items 4 through 5 are ONLY for use with canvas prints. These coatings are provide more physical protection for canvas prints than do the solvent coatings. The PremierArt Elegance is an embellishing gel used to add texture to your canvas prints.

Item 6, InkAid is inkjet precoat. Designed to add an inkjet coating to the material you want to on

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