Epson Signature Worthy Paper

Epson's Signature Worthy  paper line has a couple older Epson papers mixed in with their newer papers. Below is an overview of the Epson Signature Worthy Paper line.
-Exhibition Canvas Matte- Is available in rolls and 17x22 size sheets. This is an acid free poly/cotton blend canvas. It has a clean texture on a matte surface.
-Exhibition Canvas Gloss- This is an acid and lignin free canvas. It offers a wide color gamut and high D-max. The base of the canvas has been enhanced with elastic polymers providing greater strength and flexibility when stretching.
-Exhibition Canvas Satin-This canvas is 430gsm and 23mil thick. It is acid and lignin free. This has a semigloss satin surface that is bright white.
-Velvet Fine Art- This is a 19 mil thick velvet finished fine art paper. It is bright white and 100% cotton ragt. It has a high black density to go along with a museum quality feel.
-Cold Press Natural-This is a textured matte surfaced fine art paper.It is 21mil thick and acid free. This paper has a high color gamut and black density. It is a 100% cotton rag paper.
-Hot Press Bright-This paper has a smooth bright white matte finish.It is acid free and 17mil thick. It offers a high color gamut and black density.
-Cold Press Bright-This is an acid free, 100% cotton rag bright white textured matte fine art paper. It is 21mil thick and has a high color gamut and black density.
-Hot Press Natural-This is an acid free 100% cotton rag fine art paper. It has a smooth matte finish and is 17 mil thick.
-Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster-(sheets or rolls)- This paper features a luster E surface (orange peel) similar to the silver halide prints. It is 10mil thick and a favorite among professional photographers.
-Exhibition Fiber Paper- This is a fiber based photographic paper. It is ideal for black and white prints. Has a gloss finish and is 12 mil thick.

Three new canvases Epson has are the Exhibition Natural Matte, Natural Satin, and Natural Gloss. All have the same characteristics of the brighter Exhibition canvas, except these are a natural white.


Hahnemuhle Gallerie Wraps

Hahnemuhle has these Gallerie Wrap products for stretching canvas. There are three types of gallerie wrap systems Hahnemuhle has;
Gallerie Wrap Professional come in lengths ranging from 8"-60". Each package contains 8 bars of the same length. There are center braces you can purchase in addition to the bars. These help to stabilize the canvas print. They come in lengths of 20"-40". Hahnemuhle has a step by step instructions PDF on their website.
Gallerie Wrap Standard are thinner bars than the Professional bars. Comes in boxes of 20 bars of the same length. Ranging in lengths from 8"-24"
Then there is the Hahnemuhle Gallerie Photo Wrap which are 13x19 samples with 2 sheets of canvas and the pre-cut bars to stretch one canvas print.


PremierArt Eco Print Shield Coatings

PremierArt has a coating specifically designed for canvas. The PremierArt Eco Printshield is a water based, non-reactive coating you can either roll on your canvas prints or spray on. If you roll on the PremierArt Eco Printshield, you will want to use foam roller, this will help to prevent unwanted texturing and stippling normally found in your normal nap roller for painting. In addition you will not want to put to much pressure on the roller, this causes streaks in the coating. If you want to spray the coating you will need an HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) gun.
   There are three finishes the PremierArt coating comes in, Matte, Satin, or Gloss. This will protect your prints from ozone and will help to make the prints water resistant. PremierArt has a page with some tips on how to use the PremierArt Eco Coating.

The coating comes in 2 sizes, quart or gallon. There is also a sample pack of the coating if you want to test it before buying a bunch of it.

Matte Finish
Satin Finish
Gloss Finish


Inkjet Photo Paper Sample Packs

Choosing the right paper for your prints can be difficult. There are many different types of papers and brands to choose from. Paper can also get quite expensive if you want to test a bunch of papers. Many manufacturers produce their own sample packs. Sample packs are the best way to test the many different papers. You can test a manufacturer's line of paper with 1 sample pack. A good suggestion I heard when I started was to get a sample pack and print the same image on all the papers in the sample pack. Then compare how each image looks on each paper. Below is a list of sample packs offered by Inkjet Art.

Canson Infinity Discovery Pack
     -BFK Rives 310
     -Arches Velin Museum Rag 250
     -Edition Etching Rag 310
     -Rag Photographique 210
     -Rag Photographique 310
     -Platine Fiber Rag 310
     -Baryta Photographique 310
     -Photo High Gloss Premium 315
     -PhotoGloss Premium 270
     -PhotoSatin Premium 270
     -Arches Aquarelle Rag 240
     -Montval Aquarelle 310
     -Mi-Tientes 170
     -Canvas 400
Hahnemuhle Matte Sample Pack 2 sheets each
     -Bamboo 290
     -Photo Rag Book & Album 220
     -Photo Rag Ultrasmooth 305
     -Photo Rag 308
     -Photo Rag Bright White 310
     -German Etching 310
     -William Turner 310
     -Museum Etching 350
Hahnemuhle Glossy Sample Pack 2 sheets each
     -Fine Art Pearl 285
     -Photo Rag Satin 310
     -Photo Rag Baryta 315
     -Photo Rag Pearl 320
     -Fine Art Baryta 325
     -Baryta FB 350
     -Daguerre Canvas 400
     -Monet Canvas 410
Hahnemuhle Photo Sample Pack 3 sheets each
     -Photo Luster 290
     -Photo Glossy 290
Harman by Hahnemuhle Sample Pack 2 sheets each
     -Matt Fibre Duo 210
     -Matt Cotton Smooth 300
     -Matt Cotton Textured 300
     -Gloss Art Fibre 300
     -Gloss Art Fibre Warmtone 300
     -Gloss Baryta 320
     -Gloss Baryta Warmtone 320
     -Canvas 450
Premier Art Sample Pack 
     -Smooth Museum 205
     -Smooth Photo 310
     -Alise Photo 310
     -Alise Museum 260
     -Watercolor 300
     -Watercolor 210
     -Platinum Rag 285 
Museo Sample Pack 3 sheets each
     -Silver Rag 300
     -Portfolio Rag 300
     -Textured Rag 285
     -Max 250
Inkpress Sample Pack
     -Backlight Film
     -Matte 60
     -Semi Gloss
     -Luster Duo
     -Adhesive Luster
     -Clear Film
     -Watercolor Rag
     -Fiber Gloss
     -Matte 80
     -Duo Matte 30
     -Transparency Film
     -Pro Gloss
     -Glossy Canvas
     -Matte Canvas
     -Linen Matte
Moab Variety Sample Pack 2 sheets each
     -Colorado Fiber Satine 245
     -Entrada Rag Bright 190 & 300
     -Entrada Rag Natural 190 & 300
     -Lasal Dual Semigloss 330
     -Lasal Photo Gloss 270
     -Lasal Photo Matte 235
     -Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260
     -Somerset Enhanced Velvet 225
     -Somerset Museum Rag 300
Epson Signature Worthy Sample Pack 2 sheets each
     -Hot Press Bright
     -Hot Press Natural
     -Exhibition Fiber Paper
     -Cold Press Bright
     -Cold Press Natural
     -Epson Velvet Fine Art
     -Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster


Moab Slickrock Metallic Silver 300gsm

Introducing Moab’s newest paer, the Slickrock Metallic Silver. This paper has a true silvery metallic finish. The Slickrock Metallic Silver is compatible with both dye and pigment inks, has an instant dry coating with outstanding image reproduction. Images really com alive when printed on the Moab Slickrock Metallic Silver. This is an acid free 12mil photo paper. Available in both sheets and rolls (5x7, 8.5x11, 11x14, 13x19, A4, A2- 17x50, 24x50, 44x50)
This paper is a great compliment to go along with the MoabSlickrock Metallic Pearl, which has more of a pearlescent finish.
     Prints dry instantly with the Slickrock Metallic Silver and can be handled immediately after printing. Your landscapes or portraits will have new dimension when printed on this paper, from the dark blacks to the metallic highlights. Your images will look superb. For more information and free ICC profiles, visit Moab’s webiste. To place an order call us at 800-777-2076 or visit Inkjet Art on the web.


Quick Tour of Inkpress Papers

Adhesive Vinyl- Adhesive backed vinyl designed for indoor or outdoor signs or banners. Compatible with both dye and pigment inks.
Heavy Vinyl- Flame retardant polyester fabric with 2 white vinyl layer
Light Vinyl-Tear resistant material, like the heavy vinyl only a lighter weight
Adhesive Luster-Adhesive backed luster photo paper, great for indoor promotions

Metallic Satin Paper-Metallic finish, ceramic coating, similar to silver halide metal papers
Pro Gloss-Pro super dry technology, perfect shadow and fine detail.
Pro Silky-Stable surface, excellent chromatic reproduction
Duo Semi Gloss-Double Sided micro porous paper. 100% acid and lignin free
Eco Matte 200-Manufactured within international guidelines for human rights, no hazardous chemicals used.
White Gloss Film-Comparable to the old Cibachrome, similar look and feel
Clear Film-Extremely clear, designed for overlays, window graphics
Heavy Luster-A heavy weight photo luster paper
Proofing Matte- Great for high resolution proofing
Backlight Film- Translucent polyester film, matte on one side, glossy on the other
Archival GreetingCards-Pre scored 7x10 greeting cards made from the Inkpress Duo Matte 80 paper.
Transparency Film-Designed to be used as screen positives and negatives.
Metallic Gloss Paper-Like the Metallic Satin paper only glossier
Photo Chrome Luster-High resolution, micro porous luster photo paper
Photo Chrome LusterDuo-A premium double sided photo luster paper
Photo Chrome Glossy-Bright white glossy photo paper with great tonal range.
Duo Matte 30-Thin double sided matte paper, great for proofing.
Print Plus Matte 44Duo-Premium double sided photo matte paper, ideal for brochures, newsletters, etc..
Semi Matte 160-Cost effective proofing solution. FOGRA certified and matched GRACol #1 and #2 grades.
Print Plus Matte 80Duo-Double sided photo matte paper, 100$ acid and lignin free.
Semi Matte 250-Designed for high quality proofing. FOGRA certified with a high L*value (96.4)
Matte 60-A bright white matte paper, with low metamerism.

Fiber Gloss-Smooth, high gloss fiber based paper.
Baryta Warm Tone-Warm toned Baryta with subtle grey tonality
Linen Matte-Alpha cellulose matte paper, acid and lignin free.
Watercolor Rag- Mould made 100% cotton rag, acid free archival paper.
Picture Rag 200 Cool-Double sided 100% cotton bright white rag paper.
Picture Rag 300 Cool-Same as the cool 200, only heavier
Picture Rag 200 Warm-Warm toned double sided 100% cotton rag paper.
Picture Rag 300 Warm-Same as the 200 warm only heavier.

WP Matte-100% cotton matte canvas, suitable for full color graphics
WP Gloss-Satin caoted high quality canvas, great for graphic art applications


National Parks

Our National Parks offer ample opportunities for great landscape photography. Take Yellowstone for example. For many years I would travel 5 hours North into Yellowstone. Every time armed with my cameras and every time I would take hundreds of photos.

There are numerous waterfalls and lush green valleys. There is abundant wildlife. Ever time I have gone to Yellowstone I have been able to take a picture of a bear or 2.

Southern Utah is also a majestic place to take photos. The rock formations are amazing and if you take the photo at the right time of day, the rocks look orange.

There are also deep canyons that you can see for miles and miles.

The hardest part is deciding what paper to print your new photos on. I personally have printed some of these photos on the below listed paper with stunning results.